AZ Mobile Headlight Restoration Services comes to your home or office to offer you the best headlight restoration offering in the Phoenix, AZ and East Valley Areas

Got clouded, yellowing headlight lenses?

You’re not alone! Lots of cars (especially in Phoenix and neighboring valley areas) have this problem. What’s the cause of this unsightly damage? Constant exposure to sunlight, air pollution, dust, and other contaminants wreak havoc on the PLASTIC headlight lenses of most modern cars and trucks. Not only are clouded, yellowing headlight lenses detrimental to the appearance of your car, but they can also dim the headlights significantly enough to become a safety concern at night.


So what can be done about the problem?

Well, take your car to the dealer and they will most certainly recommend headlight replacement. However, that’s an expensive proposition and an unnecessary expense with Mobile Headlight Headlight Restoration from AZ Headlights, we’re here to help.

Our procedure is the fast and easy way to restore the clarity back to headlight lenses that have become dull or cloudy over time, without costly replacement. And our service comes with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you’re not happy with your restored lenses, you don’t pay!

The low end cost for a headlight replacement is $499! Our Mobile Headlight Restoration in Phoenix only costs $50 and up per pair. That’s a savings of over $400 over the cost of replacement! The best part is, we offer FREE mobile service, so we come to your work or home at no additional cost. So what are you waiting for? Call Now!  

Sometimes the customers’ first impression of you is your company vehicle. Having it washed regularly is very important to not having a sloppy image, but so is keeping your headlights clear. We offer company and fleet discounts, visit our Fleet Headlight Restoration Services page for more info..

Safety is another reason why your headlights should be restored by the pros at AZ Mobile Headlight Restoration Services. To find out more about the safety advantages of having your headlights cleaned please feel free to visit our “Why Restore Mine?” page.

“I had my headlights restored by these guys on my 11 year old car. As you could imagine, my headlights were terrible! They were so bad, that every time I had a passenger in my car at night, they would tell me to turn my lights on when they were already on. After having them restored, not only does the outside appearance look like they are brand new headlights, but I can finally see again at night! Highly recommended! Thank you guys.”

“These guys were so nice and professional, not to mention my headlights now look brand new. I remember when I called them that I didn’t have very high expectations, but the results blew me away and I now have functioning headlights again!” -Marsa

Wow! My headlights look so good. That were pretty much useless before, but now not only does my car look better, but I can actually see at while driving at night. I’m going to now have my other two vehicles done as well. -James